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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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re mofand y wi on t ath sns lotachestorthst morran touldd e ht ds ac trea.>>y:sh, thank ry m, donas movirm front thrgh thees cauc., onn vawind wa neeerue dethan h . and deeynois in vegas. repuic party establishmay rveny wish what happens inegas staysn docho nomina wouldrd tct, of 1 w estst y. >> so we had a vngevinst n eporr:nedatr taos of
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hampe sarol e thou itd.weh d. we wpo ete love py ededter:twice as caucus-goers as four years agmo oemthwash t taithne esenshld be lil ouider>> u, u- >> repr:erfe whoseivals sift the nde r etof h r merco has ncofen w e idsetoldcb isni" wilch e'll in ida.noshs no longrai t a loofport flso tll h g into n wel great about almost every the map.>>te t
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opleitinifirit dem is nosptor sp eeppla)l , and l ofican people, we quarterbacks of our future.epr: wn h cali ageup tsdatnia ldinand. >> h hoe >>epte s'slready begunallessan a utns they want trn back alrights -- women's , g
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>> our job ito cata high voturn rr:demonos ia, 1ha 3 in ne u u nto cr thki oticare siis tthat tno lowesignt th revosnappeng >> n is a gn that barack oba n ure, ii coweow ileadek e pr rte t rsoers was tno is cae woifatvoters, who tyck him king tlls, bscotld vhaveays beore rele v a inada,nstaotwe fnt 5>> pelleordes incarolior us ght. nancy,toy obto t dium ere ovinead to mite ame court stvow by senate
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orter: moxismart mot >> arehamiaehe ung n o unthe lfclub s no in my ats d ed tdeatn a wealclave ofeeich,ct 19mmy sk the l to bith moxley. wye l a d juryestigad test off l nned ke h cousin ane denders. il ak an he rep skake ted in bd ycourt orde
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de well-planned, wel t,yonymetodaoc? ne. reporter:eavi c toy,kakedecled tspea bubbedy,, saturinhe di didnair tria and he nuiy. ter: we we ach r tosk for cntbut ars o diehangnyinto itxlur s, thdefenstorn says hpects ling froe ur tt >>eler s repoing on the sto tonight. v
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>> ple aury in s lou awded min he ly owon who meat tpowdherncer. nas.orter: 6ueinamalabd taowdetsem undinosewir.a ded jnshn wdhoto-s was ble errry beasy isamily's o questi e s li te user ota had beeusinthem sie e iso questidhe d rtemeer ciy esstud a pose lietween taumde t
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dara ho ion ert severfere ctuncerl orheouatfoed u epor durin enom 1 johnn' tues socibetwus thiss soju utor. eporr:ohon declined to an rview, but atemed the veict go astecesun nce, pngheafy of ta as a coeticenin multle pros. j sd spaiz wi famt digrs
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noy th e eageurdieaerdungey flmaat cae our symptoms. mo allerillscolone sutance. ase ntix ansiisn gyelmplede flas 6haesrying. s t s. you' iope dre d ybnce eatnes caus made rgr ddr ibyoknowhe symptom wh thest domil . gea. w ere'cron xanxixa a s-d tr relie your dhea and dol pain symptoms. and xifaxan wodiffery. 's an antibi atman digestivtr
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or a compoofifte ydo rhty yr or e ng xif, thiy a oseris oren f cctor iuhave lerisea re taking medicas,becausthesmay inease thouf inou.dooru ar, ann regn re n the mo si a eaeanzes ounkou th
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elgr prentionstvianore gr congreiogo mal, na vitsarchin rtr ngn e fsea totg al in 65.ite th we rebl hechs re cr tigh. the dal'inscptn cas them "ot sdiers r stic sandrche tonig
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histate haearm>>llthw riic nascarie evt, tackse 2036ng t hgh ri k hi we re the s in t sng iswe lot ore od l sc ror in wendell' was given to ple drivd ce ell scmiay urlar ge wndhim pr pathe matt br. ter: dar takeheheag on nal t sinct.
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